Our Bonds


NIF was incorporated on 29 May, 2018 by the Corporation Sole for the purpose of holding and monetising state assets. The majority of the assets transferred by The Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) into the NIF were obtained in repayment of the debt due to GORTT by CLICO and CIB (excludes TGU).

The strategic consideration which informed the establishment of the NIF was that the general public should be able to participate in the cash flows derived from the assets of the CLICO and CIB, which were acquired on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Therefore, the intention of NIF was to offer, by way of a public offer, fixed income bonds to all citizens with NIF retaining all voting rights with respect to the Shares.


The affordable investment opportunity by the National Investment Fund Holding Company Limited supported by 5 of the country’s best performing companies.

  • Republic Financial Holdings Limited
  • One Caribbean Media Limited
  • The West Indian Tobacco Company Limited
  • Angostura Holdings Limited
  • Trinidad Generation Unlimited