Mr. Hayden Manzano:

Executive Director, Investment/Divestment, Investments Division, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Hayden Manzano is currently the Executive Director, Investment/ Divestment, Investments Division and holds the substantive position of Director, Economic Research and Policy Coordination of the Ministry of Finance since August 2015. Prior to this appointment he has worked as an Economist at the junior and senior level in the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Manzano was also appointed a Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority and the Board of the Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Mr. Manzano holds a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University in the City of New York, USA and a Bachelor of Sciences Degree (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. He has also attended senior level training programs at the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and CARTAC and has undergone extensive training in macroeconomics, fiscal and debt management, trade policy and corporate governance. He has conducted research in economic growth, fiscal policy, wage determination and inflation for both academia and public policy development.

His responsibilities at the Ministry of Finance include the coordination and implementation of Government’s divestment programme as well as the management of the Research Unit of the Investments Division which entails the planning, organizing and directing the functions of the Research Unit, preparing regular reviews of the Economy as it relates to the state enterprises sector, reviewing the economic performance of the State Enterprises Investment Programme, ensuring the adherence of the tenets of the State Enterprises Performance and Monitoring Manual as it relates to established reporting procedures and governance, ensuring the proper creation, development and maintenance of systems for the collection, storage and retrieval of research data and reports of the state enterprises sector and assisting in the instalment of boards and committees for state entities.

Mr. Manzano has served on a number of technical groups and committees including the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Food Prices and inflation, the Food Prices Council, the Inter-Ministerial Working Committee for Poverty Alleviation, the Technical Team for the Restructuring of the Central Statistical Office and the Local Government Reform Task Force. He also represented Trinidad and Tobago at several international fora and served on a number of CARICOM task forces to promote Caribbean Integration.